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September 29, 2009

Custom e-Learning Content Creation Solutions

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Understanding the client’s requirements better is one of the key succes to better develop a custom e-learning solution. Customized e-learning addresses both exact needs and dynamics of learning.

Customized e-learning can be built with the ADDIE methodology. Initiating a project through rigorous analysis, which is the key to obtaining valid results and ensuring that a significant cross-section of the organization has a stake in the process. One should determine learning solutions to address the needs.

This helps one design and develop effective solutions that translate the customized learning programmes that help organizations succeed in the marketplace. The customized approach to learning methods enhances the experience.

About Focus EduVation: Focus EduVation based just outside of Boston, MA and are an Education Management company. Focus EduVation is in the space of writing Items for formative assessments, standards alignment, Media development, test scoring, grading services and curriculum design. Including writing lesson plans with differentiated instruction, PowerPoint Lessons (for in-class use) for the teachers and guided practice and application activities for the students.


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