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January 23, 2010

Online Tutoring Destination – India

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“More parents of students find online tutors in India are a smart alternative to higher-priced U.S. help “

A number of companies are outsourcing customer service call centers and computer help desks.

Now, a growing number of U.S. families are hiring tutors based in the
subcontinent to help their children with math, science – and even English.
The Indian tutors, who start their shifts in the wee hours of the morning to
be available to U.S. students during prime homework hours, cost far less
than their American counterparts.

Parents looking to boost their children’s grades have plenty of choices. There are nationwide chains like Focus EduVation’s Online Tutoring and Homework Help, as well as dozens of independent companies  And
that’s not even counting all of the high school students, college students and teachers who tutor on the side.

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January 18, 2010

K12 Education Strategy

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Online course content has been the educational trend for long years now. Online lessons are developed to cover every learning day of school. There is a lesson for every single day, from kindergarten to 12th grade,”.

The other recent trend is publishers are running their own private online school, as well as provides technology, content, management services and provide training to other online public schools (foe e.g: Kaplan Education).

Offering technology-based distance learning solutions is another growing trend. Advanced placement courses and other courses for failin students is another growing trend. Apex sells Ap and distance courses to public schools where teachers often deliver those courses in a classroom setting.

The objective is to develop a customized content that makes learning easier and effective. There are many web-based platforms that is being developed with rich interactives to make learning easier and effective. The general aim is to create an easy platform of learning and help struggling learners. This is the strategy being adopted across schools.

January 13, 2010

V-learning – Learning through 3D virtual reality, the new trend

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“V-learning” – Learning through 3D virtual reality.

V-learning, as this new trend has come to be known, offers everything a traditional educational program would offer, and lots more. Through 3D virtual reality technology, a student has the chance to go beyond learning theoretical content to applying it to the real world, or perhaps more correctly, to real-world contexts in a virtual reality. In this virtual reality the student works with products, market, customers and competitors. As Paul Richardson, director of Indiana Wesleyan University’s extensive graduate business programs has said, the obvious advantage to this kind of working apart from efficiency, convenience and the green aspect is that,” while in the business simulation; they learn by doing.”

This new method of learning could be of particular interest to freelancers and home workers who are currently relying on remote, online university courses to develop their skills and enhance their profiles. The V-learning discovery can be said to be the “icing” of online education which has changed the lives of many mothers, freelancers and many more who prefer or have no choice but to work from home. V-learning is a revolutionary technological breakthrough that will not only enable remote education and consequentially home-working, but it will also facilitate personal development and provide a higher educational experience to all.

January 6, 2010

Open Courseware is Gaining Popularity

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Over time our online world has become well populated with “learning opportunities, objects and events,” not only do we need to filter and sort through this but also determine if we are going to validate these and if so how. In the last several months many new social networking, collaboration, and information ‘tools” have burst on the scene..and soon to follow are those of us in education who start evaluating these tools for the application to education.. I think this is a good thing, however  I also have to question if we are expending our energies appropriately.

Educators and tech-product developersare pushing for more open educational resources in classrooms as a way not only to engage students through technology, but also to save money in a time of tighter budgets.

Courseware is really making a difference in the educational medium..  Digital repositories of textbooks, Online content is gaining its momentum. Using open textbooks is not only cheaper, but also more efficient and faster when it comes time to purchase new editions.

E-Book Readers are another emerging trend, not only in the line of publishing but also e-learning. July, 2009, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) published a paper, “A Kindle in Every Backpack: A proposal for eTextbooks in American Schools,” which proposed that the government supply each student in the country with an electronic reading device, allowing textbooks to be cheaply distributed and updated. (Source : eschoolnews).

Various formats of open courseware is emerging and is here to stay. Cost-effective and convenient methods of learning are much needed and appreciated in today’s educational need.

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