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January 6, 2010

Open Courseware is Gaining Popularity

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Over time our online world has become well populated with “learning opportunities, objects and events,” not only do we need to filter and sort through this but also determine if we are going to validate these and if so how. In the last several months many new social networking, collaboration, and information ‘tools” have burst on the scene..and soon to follow are those of us in education who start evaluating these tools for the application to education.. I think this is a good thing, however  I also have to question if we are expending our energies appropriately.

Educators and tech-product developersare pushing for more open educational resources in classrooms as a way not only to engage students through technology, but also to save money in a time of tighter budgets.

Courseware is really making a difference in the educational medium..  Digital repositories of textbooks, Online content is gaining its momentum. Using open textbooks is not only cheaper, but also more efficient and faster when it comes time to purchase new editions.

E-Book Readers are another emerging trend, not only in the line of publishing but also e-learning. July, 2009, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) published a paper, “A Kindle in Every Backpack: A proposal for eTextbooks in American Schools,” which proposed that the government supply each student in the country with an electronic reading device, allowing textbooks to be cheaply distributed and updated. (Source : eschoolnews).

Various formats of open courseware is emerging and is here to stay. Cost-effective and convenient methods of learning are much needed and appreciated in today’s educational need.


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