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January 13, 2010

V-learning – Learning through 3D virtual reality, the new trend

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“V-learning” – Learning through 3D virtual reality.

V-learning, as this new trend has come to be known, offers everything a traditional educational program would offer, and lots more. Through 3D virtual reality technology, a student has the chance to go beyond learning theoretical content to applying it to the real world, or perhaps more correctly, to real-world contexts in a virtual reality. In this virtual reality the student works with products, market, customers and competitors. As Paul Richardson, director of Indiana Wesleyan University’s extensive graduate business programs has said, the obvious advantage to this kind of working apart from efficiency, convenience and the green aspect is that,” while in the business simulation; they learn by doing.”

This new method of learning could be of particular interest to freelancers and home workers who are currently relying on remote, online university courses to develop their skills and enhance their profiles. The V-learning discovery can be said to be the “icing” of online education which has changed the lives of many mothers, freelancers and many more who prefer or have no choice but to work from home. V-learning is a revolutionary technological breakthrough that will not only enable remote education and consequentially home-working, but it will also facilitate personal development and provide a higher educational experience to all.


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