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February 16, 2010

For E-learning – Amazon Kindle 2 is the way!

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For sure, the Amazon Kindle 2 electronic book reader is lifestyle these days. It’s actually considered cool to be seen reading say on the subway or in a restaurant. With it, you’ll never run out of things to read. And if you like to read multiple books in parallel, this is your lucky day. They’re making their way into schools soon where dead-tree books have been eternally intrinsic. From any angle, the Kindle reader appears set to stay. With the launch of Kindle 2 Amazon has integrated the entire business of e-reading. The eBook reader is not only filled with smart features, it’s also connected and mobile just like the cellular phone. It is essentially a cellular eBook reader in that it has wireless coverage anywhere in the US for Amazon bookstores plus browsing text-centric websites like Wikipedia, Google and others. Besides the good looks, the new generation Kindle is also flush with supreme functional features. The ergonomics is superb too, having been ironed out of whatever shortcomings the original version endured. This technological marvel has now been packaged into a thing of beauty and functionality with accident-proof buttons, smooth rocker controls, standard keyboard and stylish overall layout. Although the Kindle is likely to attract quite a bit of attention, that’s not the intention of the design upon the reader. The objective was in fact to get the reader ‘lost in your reading, not the technology’. It has so gallantly replicated the feature of a good physical book to disappear while you’re reading it but can’t put it down except it’s now can’t put the Kindle down. The trademark feature of the Kindle reader has to be its Whispernet wireless service. So far, it’s the only eBook reader equipped with this facility. Readers are in constant touch with the bookstore and subscriptions plus synchronized with other devices associated with their Kindles through its Whispersync network and all this for free by Amazon when you Buy Kindle 2. The service is powered by 3G technology so it doesn’t have to be within any hotspot zone to be functional. Yes, the Amazon Kindle Electronic Book Reader is but a book. And what a book! It’s any book you wish, out of 275,000 and you can carry more than a thousand of them everywhere you go and access the rest in less than 60 seconds. Amazon has publicly stated its goal of availing any book that’s ever printed in electronic form for the Kindle within the US. That’s a tall order but based on their track record, you don’t want to bet against it.


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