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July 17, 2009

“Porting Content” Is Critical For Today’s Businesses And Involves A Strict Pre-Planning Process

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cportingPorting Content may not seem a lot of work but the process is very essential for businesses as in some cases it may require large migration. Content porting alias Content Migration is multi-dimensional and requires a lot of pre-planning to understand:

  • Information needed to be compiled
  • Technical support needed
  • Inter-connect departments
  • Centralization needed
  • Menu options needed
  • Site freezes required and many others

The process is initialized by understanding the content, tracking down the content and auditing them. To audit content, one will need to understand what is the objective of porting and this opens up an avenue of building templates that help one audit and organize content to start planning the porting.

In most cases, businesses would need a single knowledge platform to which content should be migrated to make access easier and faster even if done remotely.

With the use of images, flash, powerpoint and word documents, spreadsheets and other objects, content porting may get challenging. In such cases, it is very necessary to estimate the effort of porting and ensure that the complexity of the process is addressed. The pre-planning process should cover to know if the object is a document, thumbnail, metadata or other. What is the count of these objects and is the object placed in the header, footer or main page? It would be easier if certain objects are given a standard convention.

Delivering Results

Predicting all the activities and workstream necessary for porting is a daunting task. It’s almost inevitable that something will get left out. However, much of the processes and tools developed on early migrations can greatly reduce the risks associated with future migrations. The key is to focus on “quick hits”: short, manageable projects that can deliver consistent results in a limited timeframe

Focus EduVation offers Content Porting as a service to convert roprietary based documents into multi-platform (Mac and Windows) enabled XML, SGML, and HTML standard file formats. Our content porting suite provides an interactive UI platform with built in features that verifies the quality of the content at every stage.

About Focus EduVation: Focus EduVation based just outside of Boston, MA and are an Education Management company. Focus EduVation is in the space of writing Items for formative assessments, standards alignment, Media development, test scoring, grading services and curriculum design. Including writing lesson plans with differentiated instruction, PowerPoint Lessons (for in-class use) for the teachers and guided practice and application activities for the students.


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